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Read more about our current and upcoming projects here.


Read more about some of our current and upcoming projects on this page

New projects method

Computer Werk van het bureau

E-Synergy / Globe

The new project method ensures that every project is fully under control from start to finish.

For this, a new workflow has been created including an online report and planning. There is also a direct link to the newly designed MIS.

As with every project we do, there is a clear manual and every participant is trained so that he or she can make optimal use of the new method.


Management boek.JPG

E-Synergy / Globe

We are busy creating a new Management Information System (MIS) for a customer.

The whole is designed in such a way that the information comes directly from the employees. This ensures optimal involvement.

Promotion book


The world of Moos

A promotional plan is currently being developed to promote the book "De wereld van Moos" by Atelier Animaux.

This book (it is the first of a series) will be offered in both the Netherlands and Belgium. It will also be translated into English so that it can also be sold in the UK and US.


If you also want changes in your organization, arrange an appointment so that together we can see if we can do something for you.

Thank you for your request


When is BC Netherlands?

Experience: because we have already done and experienced so much, we have gained experience of how it should be done and how it should be done

sometimes you don't have to.

Dare to say no: a person cannot do everything, so if we think we cannot do something, we also say this honestly.

Optimal deployment: whatever we do, we will always do this with optimum effort. If we go for something, we go

we really like it.

Achieving the agreed goal: if we have agreed a goal with each other, we will do everything we can to achieve this goal

to achieve.

1 day is 1 day: if we agree on an assignment for which we get, for example, 1 day a week, you will never

receive an invoice for two days, even though we are working on it three days a week.

When not BC Netherlands?

Knowledge and expertise: because we have already done and experienced so much, we have experience how things should not be done sometimes.

If we cannot convince you of this, we will drink a cup of coffee and indicate that it is better for someone else

company for your case.

Patience: we really always achieve our goal if we have the time to do so. Do you not have time or is that what we have to do

not in accordance with the timetable, it is better to find another company.

Confidence: z under trust we can not together. This is difficult in the beginning, especially with interim assignments, but it is

absolutely necessary. Things aren't done exactly the way you would do it yourself, have faith in us and don't do anything else

business with us.

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