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On this page you can see a number of projects that we as BC Nederland have done in recent years. We can and will of course also do this for you.


In recent years we have been able to carry out many beautiful projects for various companies.

Every company is different and unique in what it does. Nevertheless, we have developed a project method that applies to every company. We have been able to apply this method many times.

ERP Project real estate


We have been able to implement new industry software for several multinationals. .

Make it right


Twee computerschermen

We have been hired for several companies to put the complete automation back in order.

Setting up a management group

Op afstand monitoren

We have arranged complete management groups for automation companies.

Sell business

Round Gebouwen

We have been able to successfully sell companies for the owners a number of times.

Making projects profitable

Glimlachende Jonge Vrouw

We have been able to make projects and project groups profitable again.

ERP Project

E-Synergy & Globe

Computer Guidance Software

We have been able to implement E-Synergy and Globe at a number of companies.

We work for every industry .

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